Historia Large Baker ~ Paperwhite



The connotation for "bakeware" used to bring to mind something unattractive that you would never put on the table or buffet. Skyros Designs has changed all of that. Our bakeware products are so attractive that we have had customers tell us they are afraid to use them. But once they do, they use nothing else. From Freezer to preheated oven, microwave and dishwasher safe our Historia bakeware along with the Cantaria, Corricoware, Isabella and Joya Collections are easy to clean and chip resistant. Form and function, what could be better than that when serving your family or guests. Pair with the Isabella Large Nickel Holder for a complete service. Enjoy! Made in Portugal the Historia Large Rectangular Baker is available in Barely Blue, Parchment and Paper White. Pair it with the Isabella Nickel Holder for a simply elegant statement.